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Yogyakarta, a City with Cultural Diversity


kota-yogyakarta-_130822224920-808Yogyakarta is one of Indonesia’s provinces which located not far from Merapi volcano. For all this time, Yogyakarta is only known as a city of the learners, where a lot of students from many provinces in Indonesia study there, whereas Yogyakarta is not only a city of the learners, but also a city with a lot of cultural heritages that might be interesting for us to know. Therefore, this paper is written in order to describe such information about Yogyakarta with its culture diversity.

Yogyakarta has many inherited traditions and heritages. One of the causes that contribute to Yogyakarta’s inheriting tradition is the role of Keraton Yogyakarta in conserving those traditions and heritages such as traditional clothing, an old clothes and old daily ancient Javanese furniture, all those are kept well in Keraton Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta’s inherited tradition is not only in that case, but also in many other cases such as its periodic ceremonials, arts, and daily habitual traditions. According to Yogyakarta’s periodic ceremonial, Yogyakarta still keeps those old traditions, some periodic ceremonial known are Grebeg, Bekakak, Nguras Enceh, Cupu Panjala, Wiyosan Kanjeng Kyai Tunggul Wulung, and Rebo Wekasan. According to Yogyakarta’s art, Yogyakarta has various art, some of them known are traditional dances such as Golek Ayun-Ayun, Beksan Srikandi Suradewati, Arjuna Wiwaha, and Serimpi, traditional music instrumental such as Gamelan, Gendang, and Rebab, and theater shows such as Ketoprak and Wayang. According to daily habitual tradition of Yogyakarta’s citizen, the people are still keeping the good Javanese culture values such as using the Javanese language in daily communication, using polite language to speak to an older age, and respecting the others.

Yogyakarta has wonderful traditional building architectures. Many traditional buildings in Yogyakarta have wonderful construction and artistic, for examples are Keraton Yogyakarta, Joglo, and Tamansari. Fist, Keraton Yogyakarta building’s architecture can only be found in Yogyakarta. The architecture of Keraton Yogyakarta is very Indonesia, besides it is beautiful and unique, the spatial and ornaments through the building make it wonderful. Second, Joglo has a unique and wonderful design and it’s the only one in the world. Third, Tamansari also has a unique architecture which is the combination of two cultures, Javanese and Portugueses, the visitors will be surprised in the time he looks its architecture.

Yogyakarta city has special charms. Yogyakarta has charms in many sides such as its culinary, its atmosphere, its natural sceneries, and its recreational places. From culinary side, Yogyakarta has a great culinary called gudeg, gudeg is the special food of this city. From the atmosphere side, Yogyakarta’s peaceful atmosphere made the people want to visit Yogyakarta again and again, besides that, Malioboro’s night atmosphere could always attracts the people to go there even only to drink a cup of coffee at the place called angkringan. From the natural sceneries side, Yogyakarta has a lot of natural views such as Star Hill, Baron beach, Indrayanti beach, and many other. From the recreational places side, one of Yogyakarta’s recreational places called Alun-alun Kidul, has a unique vehicles called Becak-becakan. That’s all what made Yogyakarta has a special charms, and many other Yogyakarta’s charms that could not be described here.

From the passage above, we know that Yogyakarta is not only the city of the learners, but also the city with a lot of culture heritages. Yogyakarta’s success in conserving those heritages and cultures is worth to be an example for another region to conserve their own heritages and cultures, because those heritages and cultures are our identity and pride, Indonesia.

Originally written by  : Ihda Ciptaditama