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Rehat Sejenak : Refreshing Ke Sari Ater Subang

Terjebak dalam rutinitas yang kita tak bisa melarikan diri darinya kadang terasa membosankan, menghibur diri sesekali pun tiada salahnya bukan? menghibur diri sekaligus mentadabburi tanda tanda kebesaran Allah Yang Maha Kuasa, itu yang kusuka, bukan menggunakan uang untuk foya foya secara berlebihan, sekedarnya saja. Banyak hal yang tidak kita tahu dari rahasia Ilahi, masa depan, takdir, namun masih bisa diprediksi dan dirangkai dengan langkah langkah yang mendekatkan kita kepada apa yang dicita citakan, selebihnya, biar Yang Maha Kuasa yang mengatur, percayalah, itu yang terbaik.

Bosan, kucoba untuk mengambil gambar gambar menggunakan kameraku, dan inilah hasilnya, bagusnya pengambilan gambar gambar ini, itu karena tangan ini begitu saja bergerak ; kehendak-Nya, namun jelek dalam pengambilannya, sepenuhnya karena kebodohanku :), karena aku bukanlah fotografer handal, amatirpun tidak, hanya berkeinginan menjadi fotografer suatu hari nanti :), akan tetapi objek yang kuambil merupakan ciptaan-Nya yang tiada cacat sedikitpun 🙂

Look at these pictures :


That’s the answer why I was filled with gratitude for all Allah has given to me :), Alhamdulillahirobbil’aalamiin 🙂

Sunrise over Skagit Valley

North Western Images - photos by Andy Porter

My never ending search for fine, scenic viewpoints from which to capture images led me to the Samish Overlook.
Arriving before sunrise the moon was still visible.
Skagit Valley at sunrise from Samish Overlook
Clouds filled the valley and the mountain on the horizon was clear.
Skagit Valley at sunrise from Samish Overlook
Skagit Valley at sunrise from Samish Overlook

Skagit Valley at sunrise from Samish Overlook

Skagit Valley at sunrise from Samish Overlook

As the sun came up the low clouds started to burn off.
Skagit Valley at sunrise from Samish Overlook

It was quite a sight!
Skagit Valley at sunrise from Samish Overlook

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Favorite Bridge Pictures

I just spent a few minutes glancing at a follower’s blog site that had a collection of favorite photographs he had collected from blogs or websites. One picture was of a bridge I have seen in person, the San Francisco Bay Area Bridge. I retrieved my version from my photo library and have posted it below. I can remember all the details connected to that moment in time. I really like the lighting captured in the shot as the sun was just getting ready to rise. It marked the beginning of a great adventure I had begun, a bucket list trip to 5 national parks in our Southwest.

The 2nd photo was of the famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Because of the parking lot where this was taken you can see this most routine of angles taken by tourists from around the world.

San Francisco Bay Bridge

GGB 02a

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Clearing The Land

I was driving back from my morning road trip to Vernonia, OR this morning when I noticed a farmer adding planting acreage by clearing his land. There was a large crew working on the project that involved bulldozers and backhoes. There were numerous piles of trees and brush burning and the white smoke is what initially caught my eye. We had a sunny blue sky so the white smoke contrasted greatly with it. Unfortunately I lterally did a face plant climbing out of a roadside ditch to get the perspective I wanted. The ground was still partially frozen as we started the day below freezing. I stepped on a row of dirt and promptly slipped and fell on my face with my camera around my neck. I never did learn to fall gracefully so it wasn’t a pretty sight. I had to bend back the nose bridge on my glassed…

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